10 phrasal verbs you will use while running

Nowadays running is a trendy hobby. You can see a lot of people running in parks, around the city, avenues and hiking trails. In this post we have collected 10 useful phrasal verbs you will find useful if you like running.

Young couple jogging in the park in the morning

  1. Work out: exercise. “People who use to work out have a healthier life”.
  2. Warm up: prepare body for exercise. “It’s important to warm up to avoid injuries”.
  3. Look up: search and find information in a reference book or database. “You can look parks and hiking trails for running up in the internet”.
  4. Look out for: be especially vigilant for. “Before running, you should look out for the weather”.
  5. Hang out: spend time relaxing (informal). “Today it’s cold. So let’s hang out at home instead of running”.
  6. Get together: meet (usually for social reasons). “How about getting together for running this afternoon?”.
  7. Get round to: finally find time to do. “I don’t know when I am going to get round to running because I have a lot of work to do this week”.
  8. Get over: recover from an illness, loss, difficulty. “You will have to get over your sprain before starting to run again”.
  9. Cut back on: consume less. “I will need to cut back on sweets and fatty foods if I want to win the next race”.
  10. Run across: bump into, run into. “Every time I’m running in this park I run across Melissa.

What do you think about them?
Do you have any other phrasal verb or word you use when running? Share it with us!

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