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7 Idioms Related to Summertime

Since it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we have collected seven idioms that somehow are related to this season of the year (all the idioms include words such as water, oceans, swimming, sun, splash or shine). However, the meanings of these idioms are not related with summer at all.

Wooden chairs of different colours in a the beach on a sunny day

Intrigued? Keep reading. We hope you find them interesting!

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Major improvements in the web app performance

Studying in the web appIn Vocabulary Notebook, our top priority is making the learning of new vocabulary and the acquisition of knowledge as easy and comfortable as possible.

Some of our most attentive users gave us feedback about their notebooks’ performance, and we discovered that there was room for improvement in this area. And so, our team started working on major improvements.

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Vocabulary Notebook, why should it be used with the CLIL methodology?

Clilvn logo

As you may have noticed, Vocabulary Notebook can make the learning process in an ESL classroom easier. However, can we assure that it provides advantages for CLIL subjects too? In this post, we will show the reasons of why the implementation of VN within the CLIL methodology is so useful.

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