5 “Hot” Idioms

Today we have collected some idioms related to high temperatures and fire. We hope you find them interesting and useful!

Thermometer under the sun in a hot day, showing high temperatures

  1. To be in hot water – to be in a lot of trouble

    “If you keep skipping classes, you will be in hot water.”

  2. To be fired up – to be very enthusiastic or excited

    “He is fired up about his new house. The view is great and it even has a pool and a garden.”

  3. To play with fire – to get into a dangerous situation

    “Have you stopped paying for your medical insurance? You are playing with fire! You could get sick and need a doctor!”

  4. To be on fire – used when someone is doing great and can hardly be stopped

    “I’m getting high grades in all my subjects. I’m on fire this term.”

  5. To light a fire under someone – to motivate or encourage someone to work better, harder or quicker

    “Nick had to light a fire under his students in order to make sure they were going to finish all their tastks on time.”


What do you think? Did you know these idioms? If you know any other related to heat, warm weather or fire, feel free to post a comment and share it with us!  : )

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