7 Idioms Related to Summertime

Since it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we have collected seven idioms that somehow are related to this season of the year (all the idioms include words such as water, oceans, swimming, sun, splash or shine). However, the meanings of these idioms are not related with summer at all.

Wooden chairs of different colours in a the beach on a sunny day

Intrigued? Keep reading. We hope you find them interesting!

  1. Like a fish out of water – To feel out of place, out of one’s element.

    “Luke used to feel like a fish out of water at formal gatherings when he was younger.”

  2. Like water off a duck’s back –  Having no effect on a person.

    “I have warned Gloria several times about being always late, but it’s like water off a duck’s back. It seems we will have to fire her.”

  3. A drop in the ocean – A very small amount compared to the amount needed.

    “Investing five thousand dollars in our ad campaign is like a drop in the ocean when you think about the millions that our competitors are spending.”

  4. Swim against the tide – To go against the general trend.

    “Successful people usually admit that they became so because at some point they decided to swim against the tide.”

  5. Make a splash – To get a lot of public attention, often by suddenly becoming very successful or very well known.

    “Until 2009, Rovio had developed more than 50 video games without much success but Angry Birds made a splash.”

  6. To make hay while the sun shines – To make good use of an opportunity while it lasts.

    “There is a huge demand of potatoes lately, which has caused prices to rise. As a farmer I will try to make hay while the sun shines and sell all my stock in the next few days.”

  7. Come Rain or Shine – Whatever happens.

    “I will meet you tomorrow, come rain or shine.”

So, if you are enjoying the summer weather, try keeping a few minutes to use some of these idioms and keep improving your English, come rain or shine!

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