Major improvements in the web app performance

Studying in the web appIn Vocabulary Notebook, our top priority is making the learning of new vocabulary and the acquisition of knowledge as easy and comfortable as possible.

Some of our most attentive users gave us feedback about their notebooks’ performance, and we discovered that there was room for improvement in this area. And so, our team started working on major improvements.

Today, we are glad to announce that we have just released a new version of Vocabulary Notebook which greatly increases the performance of the word list on the web app.

The most important change consists in the implementation of an infinite scroll (have you ever used Twitter on your desktop?) in order to improve the loading times and the number of words displayed on the screen at one time.

From the technical point of view, these changes represent:

  • Reduced rendering time: overall, the rendering time has been reduced, both during page load and during interaction. This means that in a typical user session, the time spent waiting for the interface has been reduced by a significant 80.27%.
  • Reduced memory usage: this change represents an improvement of 42.55% in maximum memory usage.
  • Reduced DOM node number: this change means a reduction of 66.46% in the amount of nodes generated when the page loads and a sensitive increase in the page fps rate.

We hope these changes improve your studying experience and your vocabulary acquisition!

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