Switching to Digital Vocabulary Notebooks

Fulfilling a need of language students and teachers

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To improve their vocabulary, many language students use notebooks, cards or text files to write down the new words they learn, to review them afterwards. In fact, many teachers encourage students to use personal vocabulary notebooks for this purpose.

Vocabulary notebooks are quite useful. While writing down the words we don’t know, with our own definitions or sample sentences we learn and retain those words better in our memory. This is something that many pedagogical studies have being stating for decades. However, paper vocabulary notebooks are often messy, difficult to edit and unorganized; thus not being really useful to study. Moreover, they are usually boring and difficult to carry. But don’t worry, below we have the solution!

Vocabulary Notebook Platform: A digital vocabulary Notebook & much more

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Vocabulary Notebook is a digital vocabulary notebook. It is a full digital platform which includes both smartphone apps (for iOS and Android) and also a web application (for students and teachers).

This tech tool is aimed to help english students to improve their vocabulary, replacing the traditional paper notebooks. First Vocabulary Notebook is a blank notebook that allows students to write down the new words they learn, as easily as they would do it in traditional notebooks; allowing them to include sample sentences, translations or definitons. Later on, students will be able to review their vocabulary comfortably, using many features that make study easier, such as sorting words alphabetically, reviewing vocabulary by importance or by categories, searching within the list of words… As well as doing self-assessment tests or listening the right pronunciation of the words.

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