Why using Vocabulary Notebook?

In this post we are going to focus on the main advantages of using Vocabulary Notebook in any course of foreign languages.

Screenshot of a user adding a word with an image to Vocabulary Notebook

Vocabulary Notebook: Adding a word

Since English is the most studied language, we will use EFL/ESL (English as a Foreign or Second Language) courses as examples, but the tool can actually be used to learn any type of vocabulary, for any language or purpose (such as medical vocabulary). So, either if you are reading this article from a student’s perspective or if you are a teacher, you will find several ways in which this new platform can help you while either learning or teaching vocabulary.

  • Personalized tool for learning
    • As a student: You will be able to create and store your own words and definitions, according to your interests and needs. You will also be able to create your own categories following this criteria. This way your work on vocabulary will be more meaningful and motivating. Plus, according to several scientific studies, having a personal glossary and creating your own definitions and sample sentences will help you to ratin their meaning for a longer period of time.
    • As a teacher: Using Vocabulary Notebook you will promote personalized learning among your students, as well as learning-to-learn skills and their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. You will also be able to observe the ways in which your students categorize and study the vocabulary that appear as new to them, being able to make personalized recommendations. Moreover, self-assessment test will help your students develop critical thinking.
  • Multimedia features and cloud storage
    • As a student: The most important innovation when comparing Vocabulary Notebook to traditional paper notebooks are the multimedia features. You will able to listen to the right pronunciation of the words you have in your notebook; you will be able to upload pictures or images associated to your vocabulary. Additionally, thanks to the cloud storage, you will have your vocabulary safely stored in our servers, being able to use any device (smartphone, tablet or computer) to access it and preventing data loss.
    • As a teacher: By using this digital notebook your students will benefit from having images, which is an specially attractive feature for children and increases vocabualry retention; and pronunciation, which is a competence that is difficult to improve with traditional notebooks.

Screenshot of a user doing a "Word-Definition Matching" test in Vocabulary Notebook

Example of a self-assessment test: Word-Definition Matching

  • Complete feedback
    • As a student: You can study and test yourself by using the self-assessment tests provided. There are severl types of tests (matching words and definitions, trasnlations, pictures, sound…). These tests will provide you an entertaining way to review and study your vocabulary and will also give you an instant feedback of your result.
    • As a teacher: Thanks to the teacher’s dashboard you will be able to follow the learning process and work of your students throughout the different stats.  In this sense, thanks to the feedback that Vocabulary Notebook provides for teachers, you will be able to detect students’ real needs and thus you will be able to guide and help them in their learning process more effectively.
  • Combining ICTs and Language Learning
    • As a student: You will work on vocabulary of a foreign language with the benefits and comfort of using ICTs (laptop, smartphone or tablet).
    • As a teacher: Your students will be more trained in the use of new technologies and more motivated towards vocabulary learning. Furthermore, they will also be training both communication in foreign languages and digital competences.
  • Available everywhere
    • As a student: You will always get access to your vocabulary at any place and at any time. So you will be able to study while waiting at the doctor’s office or on the bus and you will be able to quickly add words to your glossary when watching a film or reading a book.
    • As a teacher: You can follow the learning process of your students either at school or at home, but you won’t have to carry tons of papers and review every student individually. You will only have to access to the web application and review each group dashboard, which will include reports by groups, making it much easier to detect their needs and see their progress quickly.

Now, that we have highlighted the main advantages of using Vocabulary Notebook, why don’t you give it a try it?

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